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Top Agent Alexander Levy of Levy Real Estate Group, specializes in luxury properties and real estate consulting throughout the Central Valley.


Driven by a passion for helping people achieve their goals through real estate, Alexander was introduced to real estate at an early age. Alexander says “I remember going to work with my dad as a kid, who had his own real estate lending firm. When I got to high school, that’s where I rolled up my sleeves, helped around the office and started to understand deal structure.” Alexander recalls. “When I turned 18, I was finally able to work hands-on with local investors, matching them with specific properties they were looking to add to their portfolios and help them finance properties.” Soon after graduating, Alexander left to Los Angeles to attend UCLA where he majored in Political Science/Economics and played football for the Bruins. Alexander spent time between Los Angeles and New York working in finance until he graduated UCLA and went into consulting at Deloitte. However, his passion was always in real estate. He moved back to the Central Valley and saw an opportunity to build upon all his experience by creating the Levy Real Estate Group, specializing in luxury properties and real estate consulting. 

After living in Beverly Hills/NYC and seeing how real estate is done, Alexander’s mission was to bring that level of service to the Central Valley. Alexander works with the support of a fantastic team of designers, architects, contractors and even has a lawyer on retainer. “Our goal is to be vertically integrated and to be a one-stop solution for all of our clients’ needs,” he explains. “Whether they need help assessing what to remodel to maximize their return on investment (ROI) on the sale of their home, filing permits and zoning changes or simply finding a handyman who can fix their fence —whatever they need done, we’re the first call they make.” California’s Central Valley is an exciting place to be working today, Alexander says. “We’re one of the fastest growing markets as people migrate 

Alexander covers the greater Sacramento region, down to the Merced-Fresno area. “A big draw is the affordability here, with a median home price significantly lower than in the Bay Area.”

from the Bay Area. With remote work, we’ve seen the housing market take off here in the last few years.” Alexander covers the greater Sacramento region, down to the Merced-Fresno area. “A big draw is the affordability here, with a median home price significantly lower than in the Bay Area.” Alexander says, “For example, by leaving your 1,200 sqft condo in the Bay Area, you can afford a luxury 4,000 sqft home with acreage here in the Central Valley.” He goes on to say, “A majority of our luxury client base includes local business leaders, portfolio investors and high-profile clients.”

The majority of Alexander’s business comes from referral clients, and it’s easy to see why. “That’s the core of our business,” he says. “We want to make sure our clients are taken care of, from the initial phone call to long after the deal closes. That’s an approach that’s worked really well and has made us successful. Everyone has a dream and goal, we are here to help people achieve that, I think that resonates a lot with people.”

When it comes to marketing, Alexander’s approach is data-driven with measurable results. Long gone are the days of taking pictures with your phone, putting a sign in the yard and waiting for an offer to come in. “We created the “White-Glove” 5 Step Listing Certification that helps clients maximize their ROI on the sale of their home. We provide a detailed breakdown of their property, where we can refresh or remodel to help maximize their sale price. Everything from kitchen/bath remodel, landscaping, painting, you name it – we have done it” he says. “Once a property hits the market, we’re big on search engine marketing (SEM) and technology. We invest in online, targeted ads and analyze the click-through rates to ensure we are drawing eyes to the property,” Alexander says. At the end of the day, Alexander says, “My favorite part of real estate is helping people. Everybody has a story with a unique goal, my mission is to help people achieve that and make a friend along the way.”


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