The Three Latest Interior Design Trends

Alexander Levy

If you enjoy keeping up with the latest home trends and designs, there are several key themes to choose from. Before updating, determine whether the current style recommendations also align with your personality, preferences, and interests. Discovering the latest design trends in color, furniture, and living spaces offers fun and interesting ways to style your home in a way that best suits your needs. If you plan to update your luxury home soon, here are a few of the best interior design trends to keep in mind.

Color schemes

Changing your color scheme is one of the easiest ways to incorporate a new design trend into your luxury home. Whether you choose to paint your walls or add a luxurious new throw rug to your living room, here are some design and decor ideas to consider.

Go with green

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Shades of green are highly popular right now. With the pandemic ending and people returning more to in-home entertaining, the promise of a soothing green color palette is enticing. Most shades of green also evoke the relaxing feel of the outdoors. Adding an accent wall of emerald paint will surround you with the feel of the palm or pine trees you love. Tossing some sage green throw pillows onto your couch will encourage your family and friends to sit and relax for a while. Not a big fan of green? You can still incorporate this trend by adding a lush, leafy plant or two in a corner or on side tables.

Add warm neutrals

The recent popularity of grays is now starting to wane. The trend is now turning to the warmer neutrals of creamy whites, sandy taupe, and soft browns. These colors provide a cozy and comfortable feel throughout your home. Shifting to these softer colors will also provide the perfect backdrop for those dramatic pops of color that you may prefer. Offsetting creamy white walls with statement artwork will draw all eyes to your living room. Painting warm, sandy walls behind a standout aqua couch will evoke your favorite days at the beach. Consider how these colors will work with your favorite pieces.

Create kitchen contrasts

Kitchens draped in white are also a waning trend. The preference for white cabinets, white counters and white backsplashes offset by high-end stainless-steel appliances is no longer the preferred option for large kitchens. Homeowners and interior designers are increasingly looking for greater contrast and a feeling of warmth in their kitchens. Look for a countertop that offers a deep, interesting color contrast to your cabinets. If you want a larger refresh of your kitchen, consider staining or painting cabinets with dark, comforting neutrals to bring a sense of coziness to the space.


The furniture in homes can vary widely according to personal taste, style, and the latest trends. Consider how you can incorporate some pieces following the latest trends of sustainability, vintage, and curved appeal into your home this year.

Think about sustainability

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Homeowners are increasingly looking for purchases that are not only of high quality but of a sustainable nature, too. These pieces will offer a lasting impact for the buyer, along with the knowledge that their impact on the environment is minimal. As you consider this type of purchase, keep in mind your personal preferences as to how these pieces would best fit your home. For example, to bring in a sense of the outdoors, a cozy rattan chair may do the trick. Bamboo accents, or even flooring, offer another sustainable option.

Vintage finds

Flea markets are a popular place for homeowners ready to update their homes with more historic finds. One of the latest home trends is capturing a mix of vintage and modern pieces that will make your space uniquely your own. Purchasing antiques also spares the buyer the frustration of waiting for pieces that are on backorder due to the ongoing disruptions in shipping channels. Check out a nearby market for intricate armoires, hand-carved desks, and classic armchairs that you won’t find anywhere else.

Curved appeal

Furniture with soft, rounded lines is becoming increasingly popular this year for homeowners looking to keep up with the latest trends. Sofas with curved backs and sides bring to mind a sense of comfort in the living space. An armoire with rounded and arched tops may be the perfect counterpart to the sleek lines of a nearby bedroom. A statement accent chair with rounded arms can bring a sense of softness and warmth to your living room. These special details help create a home full of comforting pieces that you’ll be eager to return to at the end of a hectic day.

Living spaces

Emerging trends in living spaces are also increasingly apparent this year. A continued emphasis on minimalism remains, along with a focus on biophilic and purposeful living spaces. Consider how you could implement these trends into your luxury home this year.

Minimalism is back

The return of minimalism has regained popularity this year. High-quality statement pieces will shine in your home when set apart and highlighted within your space. Your eye will be drawn to the clean lines and architectural beauty of both the piece and the space itself. As minimalism offers its own form of luxury, homeowners are increasingly drawn to homes that convey this overall feeling.

Biophilic living

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This concept is all about bringing the outside in. Those thoughtful pops of green in a space will evoke the peacefulness of nature. Consider how adding natural materials will bring about this sense of relaxation. Not only plants, but the addition of natural woods and fabrics will mimic the feeling of the outdoors within your indoor space. Creating a careful balance between the outside and the inside with your design will help you craft a space that speaks directly to your personality and interests.

Purposeful spaces

During the pandemic, homeowners were increasingly in need of a dedicated home office. As the world shifts back, it may be time to consider whether you wish to repurpose this space —or any other place that no longer works for you and your family. For some, the continuation of the home office might be paramount for their new remote work opportunity. For others, a return to the commute might necessitate a room for meditation, yoga, or relaxation at the end of the day. Still others may require separate spaces for both. Considering your lifestyle will help you determine how to best maximize all the spaces within your home.
Keeping up with the latest home trends and designs offers you many opportunities while designing your interior. Consider how the trends of color, furniture, and living spaces will help update your space in a manner that best reflects your lifestyle. If you are interested in learning more about the latest design trends in luxury homes — or you’re ready to buy or sell your home — contact Alexander Levy at the Levy Real Estate Group.

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